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General selling terms and conditions

Below you will find our general selling terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions

Please take a look at the Agreement Example to see what our mutual contract will look like when you sell a product to us. General legal conditions for buying and selling are applicable at any given time. Prices offered under the contract are valid for two weeks. Thereafter the contract is cancelled and a new evaluation must be made before the product can be sold and sent to us.

When a product is sold to mResell the seller retains ownership of the product until he or she is paid in full. mResell is responsible for handling your goods with care, and liable for damages that the product sustains while in our care.

We urge any of our selling customers to make sure the products that are sent are properly packed as any insurance you might have does not cover damages that occur due to the product being poorly packaged.

Our offered price will be honoured as long as the information provided by the seller in regards to the product’s condition and specification matches the product’s actual condition and specification. The actual condition and specification will be determined by our technicians. If there is a discrepancy between the advertised condition/specification and the established actual condition/specification, mResell will adjust the initial price offer (either up- or downward). The seller has the right to cancel the sell order if the new price offer is deemed unacceptable. Upon cancellation of a sell order, a service- and shipping fee of 20 GBP (for iPhone/iPad) or 40 GBP (for Mac/Display) including VAT is charged. Once the service- and administration fee has been paid, mResell will send back your product without undue delay. If the 20/40 GBP is not paid within 45 days from the day the sale was cancelled, the product will become property of mResell.


To make the sell process as smooth as possible for our customers we have decided to pay our customers postage fee. Once a sell order has been accepted you will receive an e-mail with a prepaid waybill. The e-mail also contains a packaging guide to ensure that the product reaches us unharmed. You will also find information about where you can find the closest postal office/ParcelForce depot. All you have to do is to print a copy of the waybill and attach it to the parcel before handing it in at the nearest postal office or ParcelForce depot.

If you want, you can also choose to drop the product off in person. The address is:

8 Greenwich Quay
Clarence Road

Please note that if you wish to drop off the product in person you have to specify this during the sell order process. In this case you will receive a submission receipt through e-mail instead of a waybill. This receipt must be printed, filled out and brought along when you hand in your product at LogoSystems.

Be sure to keep the submission receipt as a reference document after it has been signed by the staff at LogoSystems.

It is noted that if the seller send their product to mResell then the seller is responsible for risks and costs associated with the shipment.

Payment methods

When you sell us a product to us you can choose to get paid either through a direct bank transfer or through PayPal.

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