For Companies

At mResell, no batch is too small or too big. You can save time by selling or buying complete batches and its easier than you might think!

Selling a batch in 4 easy steps:

1.  Contact us at

2.  We will send you an excel file with a number of columns prepared.

3.  All you have to do is fill out the serial numbers of your products along with some additional information and send the excel file back to us. Thereafter, we will get back to you with a preliminary price offer for the whole batch, super easy!

4.  If you are satisfied with the preliminary price offer we will arrange for a pick-up and transport all products to our service partner LogoSystems, where they will be assessed. After the products have been controlled by the technicians at LogoSystems we will adjust the initial price offer based on their findings. As a last step we will agree on a final price, which is the payment you will receive from us.

Buying a batch:

Contact us by sending an e-mail to State the product(s) you are looking for as well as the amount and your preliminary budget. We will get back to you as soon as possible with more information regarding your inquiry.

Attractive prices

Our pricing algorithm bases the price offer on the products serial number along with another hundred or so variables. Our market reach, knowhow and diagnostic capabilities gives us an competitive edge and we pride ourselves on being able to offer a fair price with quick and reliable payment.

Environmentally friendly

‘Going green’ and recycling has gained more and more traction around the world in recent years. Many companies have chosen to make recycling an integral part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. It’s a win-win situation where companies do good for the society while also benefiting, not only financially but also by projecting a caring image to its customers. Also, don’t forget that selling your used products before purchasing new ones is a great way of managing your cash flow!

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